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Presenter Alfred Poor
Title How to Succeed After Graduation (and Stay Out of Your Parents’ Basement)
Focus Career Tips
Date On Demand

Presenter Robert Molhoek
Title Why Should I Hire YOU?
Focus Interviewing
Date On Demand

Presenter Andy Teach
Title From Graduation to Corporation
Focus Keeping Your Job
Date On Demand

Presenter Robert W Price
Title Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success
Focus Entrepreneurial Success
Date March 27th, 2013 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST

Presenter Dr. Larry Chiagouris
Title The Secret of Getting a Job After College
Focus Job Search
Date April 3rd, 2013 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST

Presenter Kathryn Ullrich
Title Getting to the Top
Focus Advancement Strategies
Date On Demand

Presenter Andrea Nierenberg
Title Non Stop Networking That Will Change Your Life
Focus Networking
Date On Demand

Presenter Julie Bauke
Title 7 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Job Search
Focus Job Search
Date On Demand

Presenter Daniel Seddiqui
Title Learn the 5 Essentials to Finding Work from the Guy Who Had 50 Jobs in 50 States
Focus Job Search
Date On Demand

Presenter Jenny Blake
Title LIfe after College - Start Preparing Today!
Focus Post College
Date On Deman

Presenter Stever Robbins
Title How to Plan and Live an Extraordinary Life
Focus Life Strategy
Date On Demand

Presenter Mark Anderson
Title How To Find The Work You'll Love
Focus Career Exploration
Date On Demand

Presenter Michael Neece
Title Turn Your Job Interviews Into Job Offers
Focus Interviews
Date On Demand

Presenter Chris Westfall
Title You Need an Elevator Pitch
Focus Branding
Date On Demand