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Active Interviewing
with Eric Kramer, Author

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Webinar Overview

Our research has shown it takes 16 Interviews to get an offer, and the offer might not be for the job you really want! 

So when you get the interview - congratulations!  But now the real work starts. You need to invest a good deal of time in planning for your interview.

By attending this Webinar you will learn: 

  1. Why job interviews are broken 
  2. How to use basic sales skills in your interview 
  3. How to build a strategy around your upcoming interview 
  4. Techniques to link your background and experience to critical job requirements 
  5. How to tell stories about your work and college experience to prove you can do a job 
  6. What questions YOU should ask to show your interest and preparedness

Presenter: Eric Kramer

Eric started his professional career working as a clinical psychologist, and has experience as an employee in both large and small companies, as an entrepreneur in software development, and as an independent consultant.

Eric also has experience working as a Career Consultant and Career Center Manager with two of the country’s largest career transition firm. As a Senior Consultant, Eric worked with hundreds of job searchers individually and in groups teaching them job search skills and coaching them through their interviews. Based on his background in psychology and through his work with transitioning executives,

Eric has become a career expert. Eric shares his career expertise in presentations, workshops, and online communication with diverse groups including recruiters, career professionals, career transition companies, and job seekers. Eric has authored two books, published by Cengage Publishing, “1001 Successful Interview Strategies” and “1001 Successful Networking Strategies” and publishes a blog "Interview Your Best". Eric is the developer of an internet site providing comprehensive interview information and tools for both job seekers and hiring authorities.

In addition, Eric is co-founder of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group (PAGCG). PAGCG, with 500 members, provides a wide range of job transition services including monthly and weekly meetings as well as an online job transition portal. Eric earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Hartford and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from American University. He is trained in Positive Psychology Coaching and is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania.

What Others Say

Upon politely requesting Con-way renegotiate their initial offering in writing, this morning about an hour ago they returned with a 7% increase which was more than I was contemplating asking for. Needless to say, I accepted and will begin on Monday. Eric, I applied Active Interviewing to two interviews from which I received two offers. Proves my approach to interviewing was incorrect. I thank you for your time, securing this position was due to Active Interviewing. I am very appreciative.


Attached is the presentation I developed for my interview at ING today. It was definitely a worthwhile exercise in terms of preparation and in terms of impressing the hiring manager. She spent 75 minutes with me and then three of her team spent another 45 minutes. I'm excited about the possibilities!


I just wanted to let you know that I just used an interview presentation in an interview that I just came from.  The company is Viamedia. The person that I interviewed with was really really impressed.  I gave it to her when I left to review. I think it’s a great tool. Just wanted to let you know.


I attended the June Seminar - where Eric Kramer gave an excellent presentation on the interview being a sales call. He closed with the most important interview question one can ask :"Do you have issues or objections to my candidacy that we can discuss, so I can resolve any concerns you may have?" 


 I had multiple interviews today for a position and asked each interviewer this question. Each one thought about it and responded "no" or with a potential concern/question.   However, three were a bit taken aback, and said that this was an excellent question that they had never been asked before. I believe that this made a very favorable impression on at least those three, if not all of, the interviewers.


 Thanks so much for the fantastic seminars you provide, as well as all of the amazing information that is so useful to those in a job search!



Based on the books and research of:

Eric Kramer