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Career Author Speaker Series
Wednesday, February 6th from 8-9 PM EST
7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online
with Joshua Waldman

Webinar Overview

Social media tools and and participation in online communities is rapidly becoming an important part of the job search process. But first, you have to know the mistakes job seekers make online and what you need to do to avoid making the same mistakes. 

In this webinar, Social Media Job Search Expert Joshua Waldman will take you on a humorous odyssey of the 7 follies of online job searching.   Joshua's 7 tips will help you network more professionally, develop a strong personal brand, and online "thought leadership".

Joshua will answer the following questions: 

  1. Why should I even bother using social media for anything other than chatting with old high-school buds? 
  2. This stuff changes so fast, how can I possibly stay on top of it all? 
  3. How can I truly leverage my network to find work fast?

Presenter: Joshua Waldman

Joshua Waldman, MBA, is a consultant and entrepreneur who teaches technology and marketing skills to job seekers to help them get noticed and ultimately find jobs.

He has been using social media to enhance his career and the careers of others since 2006 and has worked with unemployment office staff, MBA career center staff, and countless unemployed and frustrated job seekers. He founded the Career Enlightenment blog in 2009 with the mission of helping job seekers break away from outdated and ineffective job-searching strategies.

Joshua’s blog content has been featured on top career sites, including the International Business Times, Simply Hired blog,, and Exclusive extras and more resources for this book can be found at

What Others Say

Your training has jump started a new approach to my job search. I received an email lead with a follow-up call within barely 24 hours of connecting with you. I am learning how to apply the tips, and look forward to your new book when it hits the market! Your voice tone, presentation, and easy to apply content makes the difference. Kudos! ”

T. Williams, Active Job Seeker

“Thank you! You are truly a treasure! Based on your training I found my job. And now it is over a year later and I have gotten 2 raises since I started! My company said that they only wish every candidate was so well prepared.”

“I have just been reading your blog - absolutely brilliant! I have been looking for a website that I can send applicants to when they ask me about finding a job on the internet.”

Lis Wilson, Online Recruitment Specialist

“Within seconds of the webinar finishing, I had sent him an email asking if he wanted to present for our MBA Program. His presentation was clear, his information and anecdotes were fun and relevant. He's clearly passionate about his work and it's a delight to "watch" someone having fun with what they do.”

Lesley Adams, Dir. MBA Career Services

“I would like to thank you for creating a new spark in my job search efforts!  I have felt slightly at a loss for a new approach and skeptical of some of the social networking tools.  After watching your video, I feel new life breathed into my search.  Tonight will be busy with creating new profiles and polishing my online image. Thank you for creating this video and blogging daily, dedicating your career to helping people like me.”

Jennifer Sutton, Highschool Teacher

“Hearing Josh's talk about using Social Networking in a  job search, I learned some great ways to get better connected. What an eye-opener!”

Glenn Denison, President at JamHound Inc.


Based on the research and books by:

Joshua Waldman