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October 2nd, Wednesday -   Peter Weddle   - Career Management
  Peter is the author of Work Strong, Your Personal Career Fitness System, The Career Activist, and over two dozen career books. The Washington Post described Peter as "… a man filled with ingenious ideas.” That's why you should attend this session! Peter reminds us that we invest a great deal of time, money and attention to our health, spiritual well being and our personal interests--but for most of us-- we invest little to no time in developing our career strategies. Peter will share tips, strategies and techniques he's developed that will help you take ownership of your career and stay focused on improving your "career health"! View Now
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November 6th, Wednesday -   Melissa Giovagnoli   - Social Media
  Melissa is an author, consummate networker and coach to CEOs, CFOs and CMOs. She has a unique understanding about how to use Social Media to build powerful, dynamic networks and personal online brands that can be the rocket fuel for successful careers today! Her books, Graduate to Linkedin, Jump Start Your Career Network Now and 50 Ways to Better Social Media: Making Solid Connections That Create Dynamic Opportunities provide a step-by-step guide to anyone who is looking for a way to make the job search process easier and less frightening. Join Melissa to learn how to build your online brand using Social Media. View Now
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December 4th, Wednesday -   Chris Westfall   - Elevator Pitch
  Research shows that hiring managers spend as little as 6 seconds reviewing the average resume. It is common knowledge that hiring authorities know within the first two minutes of a candidate walking in the door if they are going to bring the candidate back for a second interview. Chris Westfall, the National Elevator Pitch Champion and author of The NEW Elevator Pitch, suggests you can improve your chances of getting a first or second interview, if you have a clear, concise, and thought-provoking elevator pitch. Join Chris for this webinar/workshop and walk away with your own dynamic elevator pitch! View Now
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January 8th, Wednesday -   Ben Casnocha   - Career Entrepreneurism
  In today's job market, you have to deliver results. Every position has numbers and goals attached to it. Ben Casnocha and his coauthor, Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, wrote the book The start-up of YOU to remind us how we can control more of our careers and destinies when we think of our lives and careers with an entrepreneurial approach. Join Ben as he shares the fundamental observations and processes they have observed in the lives of well known successful business people, so that you can effortlessly adopt the same strategies. By employing these proven tactics, you will gain more control of your career and your life. View Now
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February 5th, Wednesday, -   Richard Bolles   - Career Exploration
  Richard Bolles is the author of the seminal book, What's Color Is Your Parachute?, A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career Changers, and reminds us of the importance of taking ownership of our careers and changing our behaviors in order to achieve our career goals. Think about the time we invest in our hobbies, sports, entertainment and extracurricular activities and then think about the time contemplating and executing a career plan. Richard will remind us of the importance of making career management a part of our every day activity. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your career, or if you are making a mid-course career change, the ideas and strategies Richard shares will give you a foundation to take your career to the next level. View Now
March 5th, Wednesday -   Dr. Ivan Misner   - Networking
  Dr. Ivan Misner is the founder and chairman of BNI, the world's largest business networking organization with over 6,200 chapters around the world. He is also an author of numerous networking books, including his latest number one best seller called, Business Networking and Sex (not what you think!) Dr. Misner will remind us that "people do business with people!” and, according to most studies, 80 percent of us get jobs through our personal networks. That's why this session is so important! Join us as Dr. Misner shares proven tips, strategies, and techniques that will enable you to build a powerful personal network which will help you not only get jobs, but sell more products and services.  
April 2nd, Wednesday -   Al Duncan   - Leadership
  Al is the author of the book ALL Fired Up! As a former corporate trainer, Al knows in today's competitive job market you have to continually adapt, learn, and shift. As our companies become leaner, management is expecting all of us to step up to the plate and take a leadership role in our areas of responsibility. Are you developing your leadership skills? Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers once said, "Leaders are made, not born.” You have natural leadership talent you can draw on and use in your personal life as well as in your business career. Join Al to gain a glimpse of how he, despite all odds, discovered his leadership skills and as a result has gone on to help thousands find theirs!  
May 7th, Wednesday -   Susan Whitcomb   - Twitter
  Susan is the author of numerous books including, The Twitter Job Search Guide, and 30-Day JOB PROMOTION. Only 10 years ago, all you needed to look for a job was a phone, classified ads, and a personal network. Today, you need to have an online presence that includes a complete LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, blog, and knowledge about how to use Twitter for fast breaking, niche job opportunities. You've heard the old adage, "The early bird gets the worm!" No pun intended, but with Twitter, you have a chance to find jobs before they reach the mainstream. You have a chance to find an inside champion who can get your resume not only on the desk of the hiring manager, but firmly planted in his/her mind, before he/she starts the formal job search. Susan will show you tips, tricks and strategies that will help you not only develop your online presence, but prepare you to find the job you want, faster with less effort!  
June 4th, Wednesday -   John Boyd   - Job Search
  John is the author of the book The Illustrated Guide to Selling Yourself. You have a lot to offer to organizations. However, if you are like most people, you don't feel comfortable bragging about your capabilities and selling yourself. It could be because you are one of the 60% of the population that according to the Stanford Shyness Clinic considers yourself shy. Or it might be that you just don't know how to highlight your achievements. Regardless, you need to attend this presentation to learn a process that includes a proven way to present yourself to sell yourself-- without selling yourself! You will learn the right way to present your skills, accomplishments, awards and activities in the most positive framework.