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Student Career Speaker Series
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How to Succeed After Graduation (and Stay Out of Your Parents’ Basement)
Alfred Poor, America’s Success Mentor for Young Employees

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Webinar Overview

It’s great to have a killer resume. It’s great to know how to nail a job interview. But none of those skills will do you any good if you can’t succeed at your first job after graduation. Managers complain about how unprepared most new hires are, and too many young employees find themselves stuck in jobs they hate.

Alfred Poor wants to help you avoid all that frustration and disappointment. He will share secret strategies with you that will help you stand out in your new job. These common sense skills will not only make you more valuable to your company, but they will also help you find more satisfaction and fulfillment in your work. And best of all, these are skills that you can put into practice today. They will make you a better student and more attractive to potential employers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Three essential skills that will gain the support of your co-workers at all levels

  2. One surprising lesson from fast food that applies in any job

  3. What your primary responsibility really is at work, no matter what your job description says.

Presenter: Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor has made a career out of making complex concepts accessible to people so that they can put them to practical use.

He is an experienced speaker and trainer. He offers a range of speaking programs for colleges, corporate clients, and small businesses.

He also is freelance writer with thousands of columns and reviews to his credit, as well as more than a dozen books. He is available for writing assignments with online and print publications, as well as for white paper projects for individual clients.

Alfred has reached millions of people worldwide through his writing and his public speaking. He has built his career on his ability to communicate with a wide range of audiences on a wide range of topics, and to make complex concepts accessible to them in ways that they can put to practical use.

You can find out more about him at, you can follow him on Twitter at @AlfredPoor, or email him directly at .


  • B.A. Harvard College, 1973: Biology

  • Ph.D. Union Graduate School, 1982: School/Community Relations

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    Based on the books and research of

    Alfred Poor