Slogan as a way to raise sales

Creation of a slogan is one of the directions for increasing sales volumes. This is due to the fact that the slogan is one of the most effective marketing tools, and marketing is the most effective way to increase sales. Practice shows that today large sales have companies that actively use marketing and its technologies.

Previously, the companies that had good production capacity or service capacity felt better than anyone else. Now the companies that apply marketing are in the first place. This is due to the fact that today the production capacity is sufficient, but the capacity to create consumers and the need for shortages.

As a consequence, there is a shortage of consumers, which does not allow to use the production capacity. It turns out to be a vicious circle. Without the development of capacities to create consumers and needs it is impossible to get out of it. Accordingly, nowadays marketing is the primary one, because it is the way to increase the number of consumers.

The slogan as a customer generator

In the new conditions, investments in marketing, advertising, branding, PR, which create needs and consumers – the primary task of any business. Everyone who makes such investments always thinks about how to get the maximum return from them. Recommendations on how and in what it is better to invest a lot and each of them has the right to life.

One of the recipes is to create a slogan

One of the recipes is to create a slogan. With minimal investment, this brings good returns. If the slogan is magical, the income is maximum. The results of one of the studies speak in favor of this recommendation. The project presented very interesting data on what people actually look at, including when considering advertising.

The experiment was carried out with the help of sensors that determine the direction of the look, and therefore it is 100% objective. Its results are not just a survey of consumers, which could be subjective, but an analysis of their real behavior. It turned out that no matter what a person looks at, his eyes always pay maximum attention to certain details.

Creating a slogan as an excellent investment

The further decision is made on the basis of whether this detail is present in the facility. If there is a part, it is analyzed for its quality. After that the decision on purchase is made. So, the slogan is a detail which the consumer searches, first of all, it one of objects which attracts the maximum attention of potential consumers to itself.

Creation of a slogan is a priority task for each company. Above is a picture of the results of these studies. It clearly shows that the main attention of those who paid attention to advertising Porsche, gave it exactly the slogan. Other elements of advertising were also considered, but the hottest place is the slogan “Actions speak louder”.

It should be noted that this is not just a slogan, but a magic slogan, which further enhances its effectiveness. Why does the consumer behave in this way? Because he wants to implement an idea that worries him. Under the influence of this idea, he is looking for something that will allow him to implement it. There is no time to analyze everything, so the search is based on markers.

A slogan as a sales magnifier

A slogan is the main marker of an idea, so it is the consumer who is guided by it first of all. If a product, company or service has a slogan, it means that they have a marker and are visible to the consumer. When there is no marker in the form of a slogan, then they look as invisible as “cats in a bag”. Buying a “cat in a bag” is unlikely for anyone.

The slogan should be created by professionals

Preference is given to goods and services that are marked with a slogan. Therefore, although it has been said many times, it is worth repeating once again a simple truth – the creation of a slogan is a priority for the business, which wants to be successful. The slogan should be created by professionals and effective technology.

To take a few words, put them together and use them as a slogan is stupid, unprofessional and unprofitable. Such a “slogan” will have approximately the same effect as if you pour water instead of gasoline into a car’s gas tank. The gas tank seems to be full, the problem seems to be solved. However, the car, first of all, will not go.

The slogan is like a magnet for buyers

Secondly, the engine and other elements of the car will become unusable, and they will have to be repaired. Thirdly, a lot of time will be lost to solve the seemingly solved problem. The same happens in the case of using instead of a slogan a set of words connected to each other without the use of the necessary technologies.

Creation of a slogan costs money

It looks like a slogan, but, firstly, it is not, and secondly, it does not work in the right direction, and thirdly, it harms the “killing” of consumers. Creating a slogan costs money. Sometimes it is a very decent amount, which scares off potential investors, who think that the costs are in vain and will never be reflected.

Take Porsche, for example. They earn not least because of the slogan almost 17000 euros per car. The potential buyer of the car has looked advertising, has seen a slogan, it has started the necessary mechanisms. A satisfied customer who has determined by the marker that he can implement the desired idea goes to the car showroom and makes a purchase.