Razer announces Kishi, a Bluetooth controller focused on the cloud game for iOS and Android

The world of mobile for gamers continues to mature, while proposals for cloud gaming such as Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia or GeForce NOW from NVIDIA (focusing on PCs here), continue to take leaps and bounds. Learn more about new devices at globalluxuryimportsllc.com

Taking advantage of the CES 2020 framework and this mobile context as a tool to play, either locally or in the cloud, Razer has taken the opportunity to present his new command. This is the older brother of the Jungle cat, a Bluetooth controller that we talked about a few months ago, and that came with limitations that are not present in the new model.

Low latency and load while playing

The main disadvantage that Jungle cat had, the Razer controller previously presented, is that it was only compatible with Android phones. This new model, called Kishi, is compatible with both Google’s operating system and iOS, so the limitations on the operating system are over. The Kishi gamepad allows you to enter a mobile inside, adjusting to the size of it to offer us a format similar to that of a Nintendo Switch

At the design level, it is similar to the Jungle cat, a modular control that expands when we introduce the phone inside, to adapt to its size. On the right side, we have the classic YXAB keypad, next to a joystick for movement. On the left side, the crosshead, on top of which there is another joystick. They could not miss the L / R triggers, as well as the connectivity type C or Lightning, depending on the version, to connect the device.

This cable connection becomes relevant since with this command we can charge the mobile while we play. It is not the most recommended solution if we rely on battery care guidelines, but it can eventually save us from some trouble.

Razer also highlights the low latency achieved using this command. Something we should look at if we want to play on platforms like Stadia or xCloud without delays. The game in the cloud requires a good internet connection, but also a command that responds in a few thousandths to our actions with the command. According to the company, Kishi will be available at the beginning of 2020 for a price of about $ 100.