E-commerce marketing ideas to increase online sales

Convince me to buy more

For many enterprises the increase in sales to the existing client can be more effective than attraction of the new client. Sometimes clients do not know about the existence of a premium-class product, or they need more time and arguments in favor of the fact that they need a more expensive product.

Is one of your models made of better quality material? Or is it handmade? Be sure to highlight the difference and offer an alternative.

There are two main considerations when using Up-selling to increase sales:

  1. Make sure that your sales are linked to the original product.
  2. Be careful about the price expectations of your customers.

Your product must meet the initial needs of the customer. The price of a cheaper product is often the first number the customer sees, and it is with this that they then compare other price offers. A new product should be noticeably better than the original to make it worth the extra cost.

Integrate Instagram

Instagram, with more than 500 million active users per day, is one of the fastest growing social applications that brings together consumers, influential people and brands.

If you take high-quality photos, use hashtags and post messages at the right time, then you are on your way to creating a successful and influential Instagram profile.

How to attract your audience to Instagram? You can hold a contest or demonstrate the process of your product development. In e-commerce, adding a product directly to Instagram posts and stories paves the way for subscribers to buy.

Reduce the rejection of baskets

Strong truth: you lose money every time a visitor leaves his basket without buying.

This phenomenon is well studied. Visitors add items to their baskets, but leave them while placing an order. According to the Baymard Institute, 69.23% of baskets are abandoned.

Try to get in touch with the customer as often as possible to remind them of an unfinished purchase. You can offer a discount or free shipping to complete your purchase.

Another simple and effective marketing idea of e-commerce, aimed at reducing the number of abandoned baskets, is an e-mail campaign that will convince you to make a follow-up visit and complete your purchase.

Write an e-mail that reminds your customers of their wishes and plans when they make a purchase, thus returning them to the shopping cart to complete the process.

Launch the shop on Facebook

Although Facebook has undergone a number of changes, it remains a convenient and effective platform for social media marketing and e-commerce.

Cover more e-mail subscribers

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective channels for sales and attracting regular customers. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research in 2015, about 17% of digital marketing costs are incurred by email, but bring in 24% of revenue.

Too many tweets and posts on Facebook – people don’t have time to follow them, and email can offer more intimate interaction. Also, the letter format gives you the opportunity to say things that don’t fit into a social networking message.

Actively promote your newsletter, blog and any other activities to get as many subscribers as you can.

Improve your mail campaigns

There are many cases when your spam emails turn into valuable content:

  • Welcome letter as soon as the customer makes a purchase.
  • Exclusive promo codes and gifts in the letter.
  • Wish list reminder letter
  • Regular newsletters to alert subscribers to new discounts, products and, if necessary, company news.
  • Content that will help customers get the most out of their newly purchased products.
  • In anticipation of the holidays, BOGO campaign (buy one, get the second one for free or at a discount) to promote the purchase of gifts during the season.
  • Thank you to the best customers.
  • Feedback request. If someone visits your site but does not make a purchase, ask about their experience and how you can improve it.

Make it easy for your clients to get what they want

If your store is poorly designed, you’re losing customers.

In addition to the fact that the store looks unreliable, the impression can ruin the lack of a clear value proposition, difficult to read font or confusing navigation.

It’s also useful to check if the products are properly segmented, if there are too many products on one page, if the balance between text and images is maintained.

Attract visitors to the online store live chat

There are other effective ways to interact with visitors to the site. For example, chat to communicate with customers on your site.

Chat tools allow you to set up targeting on browsers on certain pages after they have been on your site for a certain period, or even after they have arrived at your site by email. Chat also allows you to communicate directly with your customers so that you can respond and solve customers’ problems right when they plan to make a purchase.