Bakery Marketing: the Best Tips to Boost Your Business and Double Your Earnings

As with any business, even for a bakery you need to think about the right marketing strategies to be able to increase profits and get the most out of your products. But what are the main marketing strategies to be able to improve customer loyalty? Let’s find out together!

Marketing tools for bakeries: product differentiation

Today the world of bakery has undergone changes, customers no longer just look for traditional bread, but want to try new products.

But not only that, they want to know which flours and ingredients are used, and they want to obtain from the bakery of trust: quality in the products, a varied assortment but also friendliness of the staff who serve them and an efficient service.

In order to attract a wider clientele, therefore, it is necessary to know how to reinvent oneself, to propose breads different from the traditional ones such as those with cereal flours, rye, spelt but also gluten-free flours, or with the addition of particular spices and seeds such as sesame, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc….

Not only that, you can also choose to vary in production by creating more digestible products, for example without yeasts for intolerants or with low glutinous flours and richer in fiber for those on a diet.

Product diversification is the best way to get the most out of your business, gathering the desires of a wider audience.

Use social media to communicate with your customers

An innovative way to communicate with customers and above all to retain them is the use of social media. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are the best way to involve a wide audience in your area, thus increasing your customer base.

To take advantage of social networks, the best solution would be to rely on an expert in the field of social media marketing, but if at the moment you want to manage your social pages alone, then you can decide to try your hand at promoting your bakery on channels like Facebook, following some simple tips.

First of all, you have to often publish on your page, starting to accumulate the first followers. The contents that you can publish are: photos with description of the type of bread proposed (for example you can propose breads and special doughs) and videos while you make your baked goods.

Through social media you can give visibility to your bakery by setting the target people who live in the city where your bakery is located. In this way you will maximize the money used to invest in advertising on social networks (here we explain how to do it).

Finally, you can use social media to call for promotions, discounts and then be able to attract new customers who may then be enticed to return.

Last tip for a bakery marketing strategy? Collect contacts to retain your customers

A method most used as a marketing tool in the last period is the collection of contacts for customer loyalty. But how can you ask for a phone number or e-mail?

A solution could be to ask the customer if you want to subscribe to a special mailing list, to which you will send the news of the oven, discounts and promotions. Using the right words and making your client feel special and you will get his contact in a simple way.

So, for example, you can inform him of any promotions, events or even news and curiosities related to the activity you do or the products you sell.

In the context of customer relations, e-mail contact is an element that must be handled with great skill. But beware! To ask for the email you must give something in return such as a Fidelity Card or a special discount for new customers or for the purchase of innovative products that you propose inside your oven.