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Rick Gillis
The Mechanics of the Job Search

Viveka von Rosen

Al Duncan
Al Duncan provides leadership tips!

Tony Beshara - Job Search Strategies
Tony provides the strategies and methodologies to get a job!

Joshua Waldman - Social Media Mistakes

Donna Serdula - Linkedin Makeover
Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile work for you!

Sherri Thomas - Personal Branding

Natascha Saunders - Facebook

Diane Darling - Handout

Robert Shindell - Internships

Peter Weddle
Peter shares how to create a personal career fitness plan

Julie Bauke
Julie will share how you can encourage your son or daughter to start building their career plan their freshman year.

Melissa Giovagnoli-Wilson
Networking and Social Media

Alfred Poor - Soft Skills

Chris Westfall - ELEVATOR PITCH

Ben Cashnocha

John Boyd - Sell Yourself

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