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In today’s rapid paced world, it’s hard to get all your staff on the same page.

Everyone is multi-tasking and pushing the envelope to better serve customers and keep up with data and information overload. Successful companies are turning to both live and recorded online Webinars to inform, inspire and build a buzz around activities, new programs and political and cultural initiative.

Online Webinar Series will create a series of Webinars for your organization that are presented by the nation’s top authors, coaches and experts on any topic that you choose.

Consider developing a Webinar series around these or other topics:

  1. Leadership
  2. Ethics
  3. Communication
  4. On boarding of new employees
  5. Building company culture
  6. Product launches
  7. New initiatives

Traditional on location meetings and training sessions take people out of the office and require location retail costs, food and travel costs. Companies like Cisco are rapidly seeing their firms are not only saving money but participates prefer the online learning formats because it keeps the discussion going long after the event as well as measurably increases comprehension.

We do all the work! It’s really turn-key. You will find that we:

  1. Recommend and contract with top authors.
  2. Create and host a customized branded website.
  3. Include Social Media plugins to increase participate, engagement and discussions.
  4. MC and handle introductions and discussions.
  5. Send out reminders and updates to all participants.
  6. Record live events and make them available to those that miss events.
  7. Provide attendees Power Point PDF’s and transcripts.

Your staff will be able to login to their computer, SmartPhone or SmartPad from any location in the world to listen, ask questions, take part in polls and complete assignments. Our unique online discussion board will increase curiosity; comprehension and engagement, while at the same time build a learning community environment.

It’s easy to get started. Just email or give us a call!

800-849-1762 x 203


Webinar Series Benefits
  1. More knowledge, less cost.
  2. More convenience – fits anyone’s schedule.
  3. Available anytime through any device.
  4. Better comprehension of materials.
  5. Increases comprehension.
  6. Measurable comprehension.
  7. Builds a community of learning.

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