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It’s harder to get members to events today.

Budgets are tight, travel is being restricted but the fact remains that members – now more than ever – need access to special skills, and information in order to keep their firms on top of the tidal wave of changes and challenges confronting them.

You are in a unique position to fill that gap for them.

You can provide them a series of affordable live, or on demand Webinars presented by the nation’s top authors and experts to the desktop, SmartPhone or SmartPad of each member on any topic areas you are interested in.

You an offer this as a:

  • Member benefit and free to members
  • Charge a fee for participation

This is a powerful member benefit. Imagine offering 9 of the top author experts on any topic areas addressing the concerns, operating issues and pains of your members. Not only will your members be impressed, but the information and expertise shared will protect their company and their jobs.

Consider developing a Webinar series that includes discussions by top authors on:

  1. Career and personal development
  2. Industry and government issues
  3. Regulations
  4. Efficiencies and operations
  5. Profitability
  6. Lead and customer generation
  7. Customer service

Attendees will be able to login from any location in the world to listen, ask questions, take part in polls and complete assignments.

We’ll produce and manage the series. We do all the work! It’s really turn-key. You will find that we:

  1. Recommend and contract with top authors.
  2. Create and host a customized branded website.
  3. Include Social Media plugins to increase participate, engagement and discussions.
  4. MC and handle introductions and discussions.
  5. Send out reminders and updates to all participants.
  6. Record live events and make them available to those that miss events.
  7. Provide attendees Power Point PDF’s and transcripts.

Companies like Cisco are moving away from live meetings in physical locations because online learning provides a more long term format for members to absorb information and build on their knowledge through online discussions.

It’s easy to get started. Just email or give us a call!

                               800-849-1762 x 203


Webinar Series Benefits

Your Benefits:

  • Engage members
  • Increase Participation, retention
  • Provide value add
  • Generate revenue

Member Benefits

  • Top expert knowledge
  • Participate 24/7
  • Access via any device

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