6 ways to improve SEO through e-mail

Send a survey to the mailing list – and use its answers on the site

When you’ve chosen a keyword combination to promote yourself, you can do a survey on this topic in your newsletter.

This way you will know what the biggest desires, doubts, problems, and lack of awareness of people are related to this phrase.

Phrases and survey responses can be placed on product pages, FAQ pages, store blog posts, and wherever appropriate.

With this information, the search engine will give out your site above for entering a keyword with additional words. After all, one or more pages of the site will respond to these additional words – received by you from the mailing of the survey.

Send an email with a link to your answers after the survey is sent

Having received complaints, questions and requests from your audience through the survey, it is not enough to write and post “return” content on the site. Although this will already increase the ranking.

Let the final chord be sending an e-mail link to this “return” content to all authors of questions, complaints and suggestions.

These recipients will surely follow this link and read everything to the end. So you will reduce the rate of refusals and increase the viewing time – and this has a good effect on the ranking of the site.

Direct your new subscriber to the most visited pages of the site

The scheme is as follows: send links or buttons to the pages of your site with the highest frequency of visits and viewing time in the first letter to the new subscriber.

The result: Google will soon see pages that are both super-visited and ultra-long studied, with regular traffic growth.

Although it will be the Contacts page, even though it will be a blog post on the store’s blog, and even though it will be the pages of your products – the superattendance of one or two pages will increase the ranking of the entire site.

Distribute links to viral marketing content on your website

If you have the opportunity to post what the recipients will surely want to share with friends on your blog or other part of the site – promote transitions to such content.

And the increase in traffic will also increase the rating of the site.

Publish your best newsletters – and on the site

The particularly active opening of an email or its high CTR (link click rate) means that you can reuse this newsletter as a blog post.

Such a blog entry will gather a lot of traffic – because e-mail marketing gives quality information on mass demand for content.

Personalize emails – to increase the openness and CTR of emails, time and depth of viewing the site

Segmentation of subscribers into a number of groups or individual personalization for each client (at least manually, though with the help of programs) allows you to create emails that are narrowly and precisely “tailored” to the interests of the client.

And very relevant for the recipient letters will lead to such good traffic – which would not be when sending all of a single letter in a row.