5 best marketing trends in 2019

The year 2019 has come and it is time to recognize the latest trends. Marketing continues to change and what worked in 2014 may not work in 2019. Be in the trend and get an advantage over your competitors!

We have collected 5 best marketing trends for your business in 2019.

Chat bots

Chat bots and live chat rooms are not new technology. However, we are definitely seeing a change in the way they are used in terms of marketing.

Have you seen chat bots when you visit websites? It is much easier for customers to communicate with chat bots online than to send emails or call a representative.

The benefits of using chat bots:

  • Online support 24 hours;
  • The user receives an instant response;
  • Chat bots answer simple questions;
  • Simple communication;
  • Quick resolution of complaints;
  • Detailed and expert answers;
  • Friendly and accessible communication.
  • Implementation of live chat provides better customer service and increases the likelihood of making a purchase on the site, due to the simple communication with your team.

Interactive video content

Video marketing has a tendency to grow over the years. But in 2019 we will see additional changes in the way video is consumed. It’s about interactive videos.

During video playback, users can view the entire area by clicking the navigation button at the top left of the screen.

The idea behind interactive videos is to increase user engagement.

Video content rating

Рейтинг видео контента

There is a high probability that people will finish watching 360-degree video and you will get a higher return on your investment.


Have you heard of IGTV? This is a separate application owned and operated by Instagram.

The IGTV concept was specially developed for mobile devices and launched in June 2018. This application is similar to YouTube. One of the main differences is that all videos are vertical, as they are made for phones.

The video content is played right after the application is opened, just as it would be if you turned on the TV in your home.

With the advent of IGTV, marketing teams of global brands began to create more video content adapted to mobile resolution.

You should also follow the consumer. If your target audience and current customers are using IGTV, you need to do the same.

Since the platform is new, you can get ahead of the game right now by familiarizing yourself with the application and creating more content for it.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Paid advertising in social networks is not new, but the trends are definitely changing.

In fact, 31% of Instagram brands currently use advertising. This number increased from 24% in 2017, 12% in 2016 and only 4% in 2015. The volume of advertising on this platform has grown almost eight times in just four years.

As Facebook is owned by Instagram, both social media campaigns are managed on the same platform. This format greatly simplifies the creation of advertising for the target audience based on their needs.

The types of advertising that can be placed between Facebook and Instagram are also diverse. Companies can test these formats to see what gives them the best results.

What does this mean for you?

If you are currently using other social media platforms for advertising, you can consider switching to these trends.

Beacon technology, or Beacon

Lighthouse technology is like GPS, but it’s not that complicated. Enterprises use lighthouse technology to attract customers, especially in retail stores. That’s how it works.

First, companies need to encourage their customers to download their mobile apps. Once an app is installed on a user’s device, it will track its location. When an app user walks past a lighthouse in a store, the company knows exactly where the customer is in that store.

The brand can then send a push notification to the user about what they are looking at.

e-commerce companies can also use this technology, even without a physical store.

If you have an e-commerce platform, you can place beacons in public places relevant to what your company offers. You can then send targeted push notifications when application users are in close proximity to these beacons.

The reason this technology will grow in 2019 is because mobile apps are also growing in popularity.

In addition, 55% of Millennials generation businesses have mobile apps. The younger generation has realized the importance of this technology. That’s why they are adapting earlier.

Your company also needs to jump aboard. You will not be able to use the beacon technology without a mobile application.